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Trans-Centered Consultation

This on-going weekly supervision group is designed for cisgender, trans, and non-binary clinicans who want to deepen their work as trans-centered practicioners. This group is currently paused, however if you'd like to be on the waitlist please contact me via the button on the left. 

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The Group

This supervision group is designed for cisgender, trans and NB therapists based on my experience running supervision groups through the Affirmative Therapy for Transgender Communities training. I am invested in shifting best practices from a trans-affirming model to a trans-centered model and I believe that the work that we do is sacred. The intent of this group is to provide a trans-centered space of curiosity, support, renewal, and healing that honors the diverse experiences of trans and non-binary clients and challenges white supremacy.


This group is open to cisgender, trans, and non-binary mental health practitioners who are currently working with trans clients. If you have questions about whether this is the right group for you, send me an email and we can talk more about it.

About Me

Damon Constantinides is a white, queer, trans therapists who has been in practice for ten years. He transitioned during graduate school and has worked in a both agency settings (Mazzoni Center, The Attic Youth Center) and private practice. Damon lives and works on the lands of the Lenni Lenape people (Philadelphia, PA) and is rooted in a social justice frame. His clinical approach is influenced by intersectionality, transfeminism, relational, narrative, and trauma informed therapies. Damon is a co-author of the book Sex Therapy with Erotically Marginalized Clients: Nine Principles of Clinical Support and a co-trainer with the post graduate certificate training Affirming Therapy with Transgender Communities offered through Widener University. Damon  believes that the work that we do is sacred and strives to create a space of curiosity, support, renewal, and healing that honors the diverse experiences of trans and NB mental health clinicians.


  • On-going weekly supervision group. 

  • Runs in 12 week cycles. ​

  • The group meets for 60 minutes on Zoom.

  • Participants are asked to commit to attending all 12 weeks of the cycle. 

  • Format

    • Check-in

    • Case consultation or topic

    • Take aways

Contact me for the sliding fee scale. When people who can pay more, then it is more accessible for people who can’t pay as much. Payment is due either in full on at the start of the group or weekly. There is one free or reduced fee slot reserved for BIPOC clinicans. 

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