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Considering Bottom Surgery: Trans Masc Edition

This Free Live Event is designed for trans masc folks and their allies. The world of trans masc bottom surgeries is huge with many options. This is great - and can be overwhelming. There are also very few spaces to have these conversations. Web searches can take you to specific surgeon’s pages. There are a few connection spots on social media. But for most folks, it’s an understandably private experience.

I had the privilege of accessing bottom surgery in 2022 and 2023. I learned a lot about the options that are available and the different things to consider through that process. Before that I had written letters for trans guys accessing surgery for more than ten years. This Live Event is rooted in my clinical experience, my personal experience, and my training as a sexuality educator. I’ll talk about some things to consider when thinking about bottom surgery. What’s most important to you? How does gender-affirming surgery fit into your life? What are the barriers making it hard for you to make a decision?

I will also be sharing some info about the two groups that I’m running in June. The Trans Connections 30+ Group is a 12 week virtual group where we talk about topics that all come up with together. The Trans Masc Sexual Pleasure Program is a virtual 8-week program using a curriculum that I developed. It includes activities in and out of group, journal prompts, and facilitated large group and small group discussions.

This Live Event is set-up as a webinar. Cameras and mics will be off and participants will only be able to connect with me via chat. I already have some questions from folks that I’ll answer and there will be time for me to answer your questions as well. Thanks for joining me!

Who is this Live Event for? 

  • Trans masculine people and their partners/allies who are 18 years or older. 

What are we going to learn about? 

  • Things to consider when thinking about accessing trans masculine bottom surgeries. You will also learn more about the two trans groups that I will be running in June.

What should I expect?

  • The event will be on zoom and set up as a webinar with cameras and mics off. Participants will only be able to chat directly with me. There will be opportunities for you to interact and ask questions in the chat. Find a place to attend the event that feels comfortable and private and bring a journal or something to write in. 

Will it be recorded?

  • It will be recorded and the recording will be available to participants for two weeks following the event.  PLEASE DO NOT RECORD OR TAKE PHOTOS OF THE CONTENT. I'm excited to be offering this but also wary of transphobic attacks. 

Registration is closed for this event. But join my mailing list to know when the next one is happening! 

Thanks for subscribing!

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