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Prioritize Your Pleasure

We'll use reflective questions and journaling you'll leave with a deeper understanding of your relationship with queer pleasure. There will also be time for me to answer any questions you have about my upcoming program Queer Sexual Pleasure for Couples & Polycules. 

Centering and holding space for your own pleasure in community can help you build language to talk about your wants and needs and communicate them to others. Participants in past groups have told me they feel less isolated knowing there's a community of people who are aligned with them and own their own journeys. I also believe this work can be an antidote to the daily challenges that queer folks are facing right now, queer pleasure is resistance.

Who is this Live Event for? 

  • Anyone who identifies as queer and is 18 years or older. 

What are we going to learn about? 

  • Your relationship with queer pleasure and queer sexual pleasure using writing prompts and reflection questions. You will also learn more about the Queer Sexual Pleasure for Couples and Polycules group that I will be running this Spring.

What should I expect?

  • The event will be on zoom. There will be opportunities for you to interact and ask questions in the chat. Find a place to attend the event that feels comfortable and private and bring a journal or something to write in. 

Will it be recorded?

  • It will be recorded and the recording will be available to participants for one month following the event. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of EXPLORE QUEER SEXUAL PLEASURE (3000 x 1080 px) (6000 x 108

This event is over. But join my email list so you know when the next one is! 

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