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Trans Masc Connection Coaching  Group

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Looking for a safe and confidential space to connect with other trans masculine guys? This 12-week virtual group is designed for trans men by a trans man. You will get to participate in the ways that feel good to you and talk about the things that are important to you. 

trans joy is resistance

Aging while trans is a really specific experience. There are times when you are simultaneously experiencing the world as a man while internally experiencing things for the first time. Right now trans people are under attack and it can be a lot to sit with alone. This group is designed to facilitate connection, conversation, and help us build spaces where we can feel safe and fully be ourselves. 







Race & Ethnicity




Gender Euphoria

This group is designed by a trans man for trans-masculine adults who want to connect with other trans men.

  • For folks newer to transition and folks with more years under their belts.

  • For trans-masc people of all sexual orientations and sexual interests. 

  • For people over age 30. 

  • For both binary and non-binary trans-masculine people. 

  • For guys in relationships and guys who are single.

  • For guys post-surgery, pre-surgery, and those not interested in surgery.

This group is not a therapy group or a trauma processing group. If either of those are things you're looking for please let me know and I'll connect you to other providers. 

Still not sure if this group is for you? Send me an email and let's talk about it!​

“Before group, I felt alone in dealing with the recent wave of anti-trans legislation. Group helped me remember the importance of and comfort in seeking community during these times. Each week I felt more grounded and connected after group. I am deeply grateful."




1. When is it?


Mondays 12 -1 pm EST

Stay tuned for Summer dates!

2. How much does it cost? 


The program includes 12 one-hour groups with a max of 12 participants,  one 15-minute one-on-one meeting, and between-session assignments. The fee is designed as a sliding scale; consider what fee makes the most sense to your budget. Two slots are no fee or pay-what-you-can and are reserved for BIPOC trans masc participants. 


          Fee 1: Pay what you can/no-fee (for BIPOC participants)

 Fee 2: 40/week (Reduced Fee)

          Fee 3: 50/week (Full Fee)

          Fee 4: 60/week (Full Fee + 10 to support folks with lower income)

          Fee 5: 70/week (Full Fee + 20 to support folks with lower income)


Payments can be made weekly or in full at the beginning of the group. 

3. What if I can't make a group? 


This is a closed group, the same people will be there every week. This allows us to build trusting relationships with each other. It also means that participants are asked to pay for the group even if there is a day they are unable to attend.  I  do not record groups to protect the privacy of participants. 

4. What is the refund policy? 


Your registration fee will be refunded in full if you choose not to participate before the first group. If you choose not to continue after the group starts there is a cancellation fee of 50 dollars. 

5. Is this group therapy?


No, this program is not group therapy. It is part class and part coaching group. There will be opportunities to interact with each other and as a whole group. 

Your Group Coach


I am a white queer trans man, coach, sexuality educator. I've been working in the field of trans health for 20 years. I had the opportunity to work for Mazzoni Center and The Attic Youth Center, both LGBTQ-focused organizations. I currently have my own practice where I provide therapy and coaching to mostly queer and trans clients.  In 2019 I co-authored the book Sex Therapy with Erotically Marginalized Clients: Nine Principles of Support

My personal and professional experiences have taught me how to create a curriculum and a trans-affirming container to hold and celebrate your whole self.  I'm here for you and for our community; using my unique skills and perspectives to hold and honor trans experience and pleasure in a world that too often does not see us. 


As a white person, it is my responsibility to challenge and end white supremacy. I am actively engaged in anti-racist learning and strive to create spaces that feel as safe as possible for BIPOC participants. 

Join the Waitlist

Folks on the waitlist will have access to Early Registration for the Summer 2024 cohort. 

Fee Information

The fee for this group is on a sliding scale. Please choose the fee that works best for you. The fee includes one one-on-one meeting, 12 1 hour group coaching sessions (Mondays 12-1 EST), and the handouts and activities included in the group 

Select one
Group Guidelines
  • This group is a coaching group, not a therapy group. 

  • Groups take place via Zoom on Mondays 12-1 EST. 

  • Consent is a priority. You always have the right to pass.

  • Information shared in this group is private. Groups will not be recorded.

  • In this group, everyone's identity and experience will be respected.

  • There is a registration fee of 50 that goes towards your group payments.

  • Participants agree to pay for all 12 sessions. If you decide not to go ahead with the group before the start date your registration fee will be refunded. If the group has started and you decide you don't want to continue there is a cancellation fee of 200. 

  • Participants are asked to attend all 12 groups. If you miss a group I can provide you with handouts and activities, but not a recording.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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