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Are you ready to have better sex? 
Do you wonder if there's way to make sex more enjoyable and comfortable for you? 

Are you frustated with dating and hooking up?
Are you worried that there's no one out there for you?

What is it? 

This 6 week group coaching program includes trans-specific sexuality education, activities to understand yourself better, and the opporutnity to connect and learn from other guys who are struggling with the same things. 


  • Week 1 - Welcome​​

    • Topics: Trust, Connection, Joy​

  • Week 2 - Bodies

    • Topics: Body image, Anatomy, Body Feels, Language​

  • Week 3 - What is Good Sex?

    • Topics: Pleasure, Exploration​

  • Week 4 - Shadow Side

    • Topics: Cissexism, Dysphoria, Safety ​

  • Week 5 - Tell Me More

    • Topics: Desire, Fantasy, Orgasm​

  • Week 6 - Wanting More

    • Topics: HRT, Surgery, Prosthetics, Toys​

Who is it for? 

This group is designed by a trans man for trans-masculine adults who want to deepen their relationship with their sexuality.

  • For folks newer to transition and folks with more years under their belts.

  • For trans masc people of all sexual orientations and sexual interests. 

  • For people over age 18. 

  • For both binary and non-binary trans-masculine people. 

  • For guys in relationships and guys who are single.

  • For guys post surgery, pre surgery, and those not intersted in surgery.

Not sure if this includes you? Send me an email and let's connect!​

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Who is Damon?

Hello! I am a queer trans man, sex therapist, and sexuality educator. I've been working in the field of trans health for 21 years. Which makes me sound much older than I feel! I got my start as a sexuality educator for Planned Parenthood in my early 20's. My favorite part of that job were the sex toy workshops I provided to college dorms. That was right around the time that I was identifying as a dyke, and then as genderqueer. I physically transitioned in 2005 and somewhere along the line my gender felt more binary. I now identify as a queer trans man and use he and him pronouns. I've continued to work in the field of trans health and sexuality including teaching Human Sexuality at Philadelphia Community College, Sex Therapy at Widener Unveristy, and presenting about trans sexuality at many conferences. I've had my own journey with my sexuality, my gender, and my body which inform my work. And the years I've put in as a sex nerd have also helped. Most recently I work as a psychotherapist and sex therapist working with mostly queer and trans clients and teach other therapists about talking to trans folks about gender, sex, and sexuality. It's a scary time out there for our trans communitites these days. I believe that trans joy and pleasure are resistence. I'm really excited to create and hold space for us all to explore and deepen our joy and pleasure.